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Heating and Cooling and ant control products

The safest ant control products to use if you have pets are the round ant attracting plastic packets that contain ant exterminating food. Ants are attracted to enter the packets that have side openings. They then carry the food that is laced with ant killer back to their hole or ant colony and soon your ant problem is solved. There are other ant control products like the sticky gel flaps that are full of sticky gel that catch ants and insects that might be crawling in your cupboards.
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Some people like to use aerosol ant and insect sprays. Those sprays are actually rather effective to use in basements and around porch areas. However, if you are allergic to sprays, you might want to wear a mask when using the aerosol ant killing sprays. Their are sticky poles that you can hang on your kitchen fan that will catch flies as well as ants but these are not as effective as the round poisoned pellet containing plastic ant trays. If you suddenly see ants crawling in your kitchen after setting these packets out, you will know that they are out looking for water or food and won’t return to their colony.
Our heating and cooling company typically never deals with any issues related to pests. We have a trusted AC repair technician who we refer to every time someone has an issue with their HVAC system.